For a cloudy day

So I’ve recently stretched a mammoth canvas! It was heavy and awkward and I have an even bigger one to do later! I’ve worked out somewhat of an initial concept of what I’d like to paint on it – it’s going to be mysterious, awesome, slightly abstract and have amazing colours. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

Toddler for size reference

Toddler for size reference

Before I stretched the canvas, my little family and I went road tripping all the way from Melbourne to Adelaide. We had somewhat average weather with us, but it did let me take some amazing photos of the sky. These two cloudy cloud photos are going to form the basis for what I’m going to paint.

Glenelg, SA

Glenelg, SA

Robe, SA

Robe, SA

I’m really hoping to be able to start and finish the painting within a month or two. But we’ll have to see how that goes. I mean, I’ve been wanting to do the base drawing on the canvas for the past five days. Somehow life just keeps getting in the way!


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