New direction

So towards the end of last year I took an oil painting course at the Jika Jika Community Centre with Bonny Hut. It was fun. The course was super relaxed with lots of random conversations springing up here and there in between the few bits of oil painting talk that we had.

I’ve always wanted to try oil painting, but thought that it was one of those messy and resource intensive activities. The course proved me wrong. Bonny made it pretty easy to follow and to pick up on the absolute basics, which was all that I was really after.


Not so sallow lady

This is the painting that I did during the course. I call it “Not so sallow lady” – as the original that I copied it from was of a very miserable looking lady!

In the last two weeks of the course I got to start working on my second piece. I chose a photo that I had taken during 2014 in a Tall Order Giraffe Encounter experience at the Werribee Zoo (lots of fun – highly recommended!). It took me awhile to finish it, with lots of rework, but I got there in the end!

20150103_122938 (1)

Double Trouble

So this will be my focus for 2015 – oil painting! I’ll still be making polymer clay jewellery, but now that I’ve got the hang of that, I won’t need to burn so much brain power on it! I’m still trying to decide which markets to attend for 2015 – in the meantime you can still shop for Jelly Jungle jewellery at

While I sort out my next oil painting project (!!), here are a few photos of my giraffes in development. Hope you all had a lovely new year!



Before I got a proper easel – had to work on the bench in the courtyard!


Things starting to take shape


The beginning of all the rework!


My oil painting aids!


Your thoughts?

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